We are the sub-specialty organization of the POGS composed of competent,conscientious and God-fearing OB-GYN sonologists, dedicated to professional excellence in reproductive health care through:

1. Quality-assured and ethical OB-GYN ultrasound services
2. Continuing ultrasound education, training, accreditation and research
3. Collaboration with other women’s health care providers


By 2030, the PSUOG, as the premier organization and contributor to the improvement of women’s reproductive health through an appropriate, safe and quality use of ultrasound in OB-GYN practice in the Philippines, envisions to be aligned with international standards through collaboration and dynamic participation in education, training and research.

Core Values

P – Professionalism
S – Social Responsibility
U – Uprightness and Integrity
O – Oneness
G – God-fearing virtues