Our Logo

The PSUOG Logo was born in 2001, when then PSUOG President Dr. Lyra Ruth Chua sponsored a logo-making contest for members.

The logo shows the 2 colors of PSUOG:
a) Navy Blue, which represents professionalism, power and authority; and
b) White, which represents purity , peace, and goodwill. The combination of the two color creates contrasting images depicting capability to absorb or reflect soundwaves. This contrast of colors seen inside a triangle with a uterus and fetus, ovaries and fallopian tubes is what we see on the ultrasound screen, day in and day out.

The overall design represents the heart of being a FELLOW OF THE PHILIPPINE SOCIETY OF ULTRASOUND IN OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY, with the colors conveying the society’s core values of :

P – Professionalism
S – Social Responsibility
U – Uprightness and Integrity
O – Oneness
G – God-fearing

Indeed, an appropriate and distinctive logo, conveying the clarity of the PSUOG goals, and demanding loyalty in return.

Logo Design and Concept by: DR. MARIBINA TECSON-LIM