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Dear PSUOG members, OB GYN ultrasound subspecialists, it is a privilege to greet you as we launch our website for 2023.

This year is an important period of transition for PSUOG for a number of reasons. Firstly, it marks the second year of our 2 year curriculum. Our accredited training institutions have been working hard to provide quality education for our future subspecialists in keeping with the changes and updates in our specialty. Our Secretary and Chair of the Committee on Accreditation of Training Institutions, Dr. Rosalie Junio has been working closely with our subcommittees to help in the implementation of the new curriculum in OB Gyn Ultrsound training programs. For the past 2 years and up to now, PSUOG has been striving to provide our members with relevant webinars and CME activities following the new 2 year curriculum. Going through the shift from the 1 year to the 2 year training program, we also saw the need to focus on aligning our curriculum with the 2020 Constitution and Bylaws. The recently concluded Special Meeting of Members for ratification of amendments to the transitory provisions...Read More

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