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We welcome the new year, 2024, with the message of HOPE and OPTIMISM… moving forward and looking ahead, that we will be able to meet the goals we set for our Society this year and even exceed expectations.

Emerging from the success of our 30th Annual Convention, we set in motion this year our plans that are focused on the programs that would see through the advance OB-GYN skills we have learned from our renowned international experts. We remain to pursue our aspirations and empower our members through the advocacies we have begun.

This year, we continue to bring you virtually our Ultrasound Fellows Forum as our commitment to enhance professional growth and welfare of our members through continuing medical education. This event is held every last Friday of the month alternating each month. The Training Institutions, namely, Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center, Valenzuela Medical Center, The Medical City, Rizal Medical Center, and University of Santo Tomas Hospital are tasked with the presentations of interesting or rare cases seen in their respective centers. The objective ... Read More

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As the Ultrasound Fellowship Training Program (UFTP) transitioned from a one- year program to a two-year curriculum, with additional competencies in Advanced Obstetrics and Gynecology procedures including interventional ultrasound procedures, the PSUOG 2024 Board of Trustees deemed it prudent to give time to evaluate the two-year- program through the first batch of graduates who will be taking the Certifying Board Examinations this year and the next batch on the following year. In line with this, the Board decided with the Board Resolution 2024-2, to temporarily issue a two (2) year moratorium from 2024-2026 and refrain within this period from accepting new applications for the UFTP. This is primarily to provide ample time to assess the performance of the existing training institutions during the transition. Depending on the evaluation, the future Board of Trustees will decide if it will be ready to accept new applications. Furthermore, we have established new guidelines for the new application which will be implemented after the moratorium. Rest assured that we will provide you with the necessary guidelines and requirements to prepare your facility as well as your roster of faculty. Thank you very much and hoping for your kind understanding.

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