Nowadays in the Philippines, there is too much fear , isolation, panic buying , sickness and DEATH.

There is too much feeling of anxiety, psychological warfare and fear of economic breakdown. As one of the healthcare frontliners, everyday seems to be a battle of uncertain days ahead. However, as I look and wake up in the mornings, I see clearer skies, empty roads and silence everywhere. I cannot remember the last time I saw clearer sky in my country most especially in the city where i mostly stay.

In the evenings, I feel the stillness that is too empowering for me to pray and communicate with GOD and ask for his mercy and grace. I could not remember the last time I experienced this kind of stillness and communion with GOD.

In the workplace, everyone says hello and asks how you are looking directly into your eyes unlike before when we talk while texting. In fact, most of the days we speak of menial pleasantries and we move as fast as we can to our respective posts and offices where everything is time bound albeit sometimes pointless.

At night, there is more time to reflect and realize what matters most in life. In the midst of fear, people learned to extend a helping hand to all the healthcare frontliners giving out medical supplies and protective gears. People learned to extend food to the less fortunate countrymen and everyone seemed to learn to share and not to be mean.

During isolation, I was able to reconnect with my family, my old pals, schoolmates far and beyond just to ask how they are in this critical times or simply just to say hello.There were too many things in life which we missed and now we talk, laugh and learned to be whole again. During panic buying, the government learned to listen and check on people who unwittingly move out of context putting jeopardy to people and goods. There were a lot of realizations as to which foods are essential and which foods are good for the family.

True - there were a lot of people who are sick at the moment but there is lesser sickness of the soul.

There is DEATH, but there is always a REBIRTH of LOVE.

GOD has taught us to make choices as to how we live now. TODAY we breathe...we listen...we appreciate that the sky is clearing...let us open the windows of our soul and learn to LOVE again in a better way...


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