Dear Colleagues:

By this time, you may have reflected, expressed gratitude, hoped and planned for 2021. You may have thought of time well spent and what gave you the most returns or rewards. I hope you all have adapted and adopted with the new normal. In a couple of months, the arrival of the vaccines will keep us all in anticipation for the end of this pandemic. When? Hopefully soon. In the meantime, let us not put our guards down. Let us continue keeping the faith, wear masks, face shields, wash hands and practice social distancing.

Last year, the ratification of the By-laws laid the groundwork for PSUOG in the next 25 years. It has set the direction on how to attain the Society’s vision as the premier organization and contributor in improving women’s reproductive health through the use of ultrasound in OB-Gyn practice by 2030. Digital technology allowed us access to local and international ultrasound webinars and made us cognizant of the dynamism and rapidly evolving advances in ultrasound imaging.

The pivot to a 2-year ultrasound fellowship is timely and relevant. It allows the Society a chance to update and upgrade its trainers and trainees as well as assist its members to be abreast with these developments in ultrasound imaging and according to international standards.

The 2021 BOT has prioritized the transition to the 2-year curriculum by organizing Ad Hoc committees involving the training, education and certification of trainees from the program. The first Ad Hoc committee on the transition will be tasked to curriculum development, training of trainers and its implementation. The second Ad Hoc committee will align the Board of Examiners with the 2-year curriculum by drafting the BOE Election Code and Handbook to serve as guide in the conduct of the certifying examinations. The third Ad Hoc Committee will focus on the capacity building of training institutions and its trainers. It will strategize ways to adjust, adopt and adapt to this shift. Lastly, mindful of its members’ needs to keep up with these new and advance ultrasound skills, the BOT has empowered the regional directors to address these needs through regional workshops, webinars and modules. By 2023, the BOT expects full implementation of the 2-year training program and the members’ acquisition of the new set of ultrasound skills in obstetrics and gynecology that is at par with the graduates of the new program.

We move in unison to attain this vision. Nobody will be left behind. For such a herculean task, keeping an open mind, embracing change, full cooperation, unconditional participation and constant collaboration from all stakeholders are keys to its success.

Please visit the website and membership portal for updates. Our Facebook page has been activated for easy access to information from PSUOG. These are interesting times. Let us all keep in touch. Keep safe and well always.

2021 PSUOG President